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Workers Comp

What is Workers’ Comp?

aka “workman’s comp” or “workers’ compensation

  • Workers’ compensation insurance gives your employees benefits if they suffer a work-related injury or illness. It can also provide death benefits to your employees’ beneficiaries if they die from a work-related injury or illness. Most states require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance to employees.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees and your business. Without workers’ compensation insurance, injured or sick employees might be financially strained. They can also sue you for their work-related injury or illness if you don’t have coverage.

Examples of on-the-job injuries include:

  • close Tripping on your office stairs

  • close Developing carpal tunnel syndrome from poor typing habits

  • close Getting hurt in a car accident while visiting a client

Benefits from workers’ compensation insurance can help them:

  • checkmark Pay for medical expenses such as hospital visits, medications and surgeries

  • checkmark Lost wages if your employee needs time away from work to recover

  • checkmark Ergonomic accommodations if your employee is able to return to work

  • checkmark Disability benefits if a work-related injury causes a partial or permanent disability

  • checkmark Ongoing care costs such as physical therapy

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Action Insurance workers’ compensation programs can include:

Preferred medical provider network

Your employees have access to over 1 million providers with significant workplace injury experience.

Preferred edical provider network

Your employees have access to over 1 million providers with significant workplace injury experience.

Prescription drug features

We have arrangements with more than 65,000 U.S. pharmacies to fill prescriptions–usually with no out-of-pocket expenses–and provide convenient mail-order service.

Needle stick reimbursement program

Our needle stick reimbursement program pays for the initial testing of your employee and their patient in the event of a needle stick. It can also reimburse your employee if additional testing is needed.

Nursed back to health program

This program features highly experienced nursing case managers, who coordinate care and treatment for your injured or ill employee. They can also organize physical, emotional and occupational therapies.

Pay-as-you-go billing solutions

Pay-as-you-go allows you to manage your business’ cash flow by basing your workers’ compensation insurance premium on your actual payroll.

Home Insurance Deductibles and Limits

Your home insurance deductible is the amount of a covered claim that is your responsibility. The amount you choose for your insurance deductible depends on how much you’re prepared to pay if you have a covered loss. Your home insurance coverage limits (the amount of homeowners insurance you buy) starts with your dwelling coverage. The limits of coverage for the other standard coverages in your homeowners policy are typically calculated as percentages of your dwelling limit.

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